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Hoists Manuals and Wiring Diagrams

Hoists Direct is pleased to offer some of the most common manuals and technical information for FREE download. These documents can assist you in identifying service and repair parts you may need. We can supply parts for any of these models. All dimensions and other information contained on this website are subject to change without notice. Use for preliminary reference only. If you don't see a manual you need here, please feel free to contact us or the manufacturer.

BrandPart NumberCommentsDownload
BudgitBEHC - Electric Chain HoistNew Style Electric (Current)Manual
Wiring Diagram
BEH - Electric Chain HoistOld Style Electric (prior to 2007)Manual
Wiring Diagram
USA HoistsManual Chain HoistManual
2200 Air HoistSmall Air HoistManual
6000 Air HoistLarge Air HoistManual
Columbus McKinnonLodestar - 627Electric Chain HoistManual
Shopstar - 620Small Electric HoistManual
602Small 1/4 Ton Lever HoistManual
603Small 1/2 Ton Lever HoistManual
622Manual Hand Chain HoistManual
Valuestar - 624Electric Chain HoistManual
633Plain TrolleyManual
635Motorized TrolleyManual
640Lever HoistsManual
Cyclone - 646Manual Hand Chain HoistManual
653Lever HoistsManual
Hurricane - 656360 Degree Hand Chain HoistManual
Universal TrolleyTrolley Headroom by BrandTable
Coffing / DaytonJLCElectric Chain HoistManual
EC1Electric Chain Hoist - Small FrameManual
EC3Electric Chain Hoist - Large FrameManual
LHHHand Chain HoistManual
LSBLever HoistManual
EMCElectric Hoist - SmallManual
MALever HoistManual
RALever HoistManual
CBTPPush TrolleyManual
CAHand Chain HoistManual
CBHand Chain HoistManual
ELCElectric Hoist (Old Style)Manual
EMWElectric Wire RopeManual
ESCElectric Hoist (Obsolete)Manual
WR1Wire Rope HoistManual
WR3Wire Rope HoistManual
HarringtonLB4Lever Hoist (Old Style)Manual
LB5Lever Hoist (New Style)Manual
NERElectric Hoist - 3-PhaseManual
Wiring Diagram
NER2Electric Hoist - 3-PhaseManual
Wiring Diagram
SNERElectric Hoist - Single PhaseManual
Wiring Diagram
TCRAir HoistManual
LXLever Hoist - SmallManual
CXHand Chain Hoist - SmallManual
CFHand Chain Hoist - Aluminum BodyManual
CBHand Chain Hoist - Steel BodyManual
AHAir Hoist - Compact SizeManual
EDElectric Hoist - Compact, Single PhaseManual
MRMotorized Trolley - 3-PhaseManual
SMRMotorized Trolley - Single PhaseManual
PTPush TrolleyManual
GTGeared TrolleyManual
RHWire Rope HoistManual
JaguarT70Wireless Remote ControlManual
JD Neuhaus Mini HoistAir HoistManual
Lug-AllAll UnitsOperating ManualManual
1000-15Cable HoistParts List
115-RCable HoistParts List
125-RCable HoistParts List
1500-25Cable HoistParts List
215-RCable HoistParts List
2250-15Cable HoistParts List
2250-20Cable HoistParts List
3000-10Cable HoistParts List
310-RCable HoistParts List
2250-38Cable HoistParts List
238-RCable HoistParts List
3000-30Cable HoistParts List
330-RCable HoistParts List
4000-20Cable HoistParts List
420-RCable HoistParts List
6000-15Cable HoistParts List
2-AStrap HoistParts List
30-AStrap HoistParts List
3-AStrap HoistParts List
4-AStrap HoistParts List
4-BStrap HoistParts List
AV20RHCAWinch-DCParts List
10-12Winch - DCManual
30-12Capstan - DCManual
PantherPN-RX-MX9 (PN-R8-3)
PN-RX-MXX14 (PN-R8-13)
PN-RX-MXX19 (PN-R8-7)
PN-TX-MX8 (PN-T7-2)
Wireless Remote ControlManual
PN-RX-MN5 (PN-R8-1)
PN-RX-MD11 (PN-R8-6)
PN-RX-MN5E (PN-R8-10)
PN-RX-MD11E (PN-R8-11)
PN-TX-MD3M (PN-T13-3)
PN-TX-MD6M (PN-T13-6)
PN-TX-MD8M (PN-T13-8)
PN-TX-MD10M (PN-T13-10)
PN-TX-MD3 (PN-T21-3)
PN-TX-MD6 (PN-T21-6)
PN-TX-MD8 (PN-T21-8)
PN-TX-MD10 (PN-T21-10)
PN-TX-MN3 (PN-T7-16)
PN-TX-MN6 (PN-T7-15)
PN-TX-MN8 (PN-T7-14)
Wireless Remote ControlManual
PN-RX-MN5 (PN-R8-1)
PN-RX-MN5E (PN-R8-10)
PN-RX-MD11 (PN-R8-6)
PN-RX-MD11E (PN-R8-11)
Wireless ReceiverManual
PN-RX-MNB4 (PN-R15-1)
PN-RX-MDB-10 (PN-R15-2)
PN-RX-MNA4 (PN-R15-7)
PN-RX-MDA-10 (PN-R15-8)
Wireless ReceiverManual
RossHSH-ESmall Lever - 1/4 TonParts List
HSH-ALever Hoists - 3/4 - 6 TonsParts List
HSC-ZHand Chain Hoists - 1/2 - 10 TonsParts List
RTTrolleysParts List
RBCBeam ClampsParts List
TelecraneF21/24Operating ManualManual
ThernPortable Davit Crane
up to 500#
Operating ManualManual
Portable Davit Cranes up
to 1000# / 2000#
Operating ManualManual
571/572 - Stationary Davit
Crane 1500# / 2200#
Operating ManualManual
3WG4 SeriesWorm Gear Power Winch Operating ManualManual
477 SeriesHelical/Worm Gear Power Winch Operating ManualManual
4HPF/4HWF/4HB P SeriesHelical/Parallel, Helical/Worm, Helical/Bevel and Planetary Gear Power Winch Operating ManualManual
4WP2D SeriesAtlas Construction Worm Gear Power Winch Operating ManualManual
4WP2 and 4WP2T SeriesAtlas Construction Worm Gear Power Winch Operating ManualManual
TA 10 SeriesPlanetary Gear Air Winch ManualManual
TAC SeriesPlanetary Gear Air Winch ManualManual
MTA.5-S and MTA1-S SeriesMini Tugger Air Winch ManualManual
MTA 1000 and MTA 2000 SeriesMini Tugger Air Winch ManualManual
Spur Gear LineHand Winch ManualManual
Worm Gear LineHand Winch ManualManual
YaleKELCNew Style Electric (Current)Manual
KELBOld Style Electric (2003 -2006)Manual
KELOld Style Electric  (Before 2003)Manual