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Lifting Slings

Hoists Direct offers slings for heavy lifting applications. Overhead lifting slings are commonly used in combination with a lifting device, such as an overhead crane, hoist or forklift. The four main types of slings available are wire rope (also known as bridle), chain, mesh and synthetic. Slings are available in a variety of configurations from endless round loop nylon to quad leg chain slings and with a range of vertical working load limit capacities from 0.8 tons (1,600 pounds) to 50 tons (100,000 pounds). Available hook options include sling, grab and foundry hooks. Custom slings are also available with 1 leg to 4 legs in common styles SOS, SOG, DOS and DOG. If you would like to create a custom sling please reach out to our experienced sales staff at 866-464-7871. 


Slingmax, Peerless & More

Our biggest-selling slings are synethetic slings, bridle slings and chain slings manufactured by an approved Slingmax dealer or Peerless. These manufacturers offer industrial-quality slings that meet or exceed ANSI or OSHA standards. You can be confident that any sling you buy from us will provide years of service.


SKU SOS04-5 Photo
SKU: SOS04-5
Price: $246
SKU SOS04-10 Photo
SKU: SOS04-10
Price: $308
SKU SOS06-5 Photo
SKU: SOS06-5
Price: $295
SKU SOS06-10 Photo
SKU: SOS06-10
Price: $356
SKU SOS08-5 Photo
SKU: SOS08-5
Price: $383
SKU SOS08-10 Photo
SKU: SOS08-10
Price: $500
SKU SOG04-5 Photo
SKU: SOG04-5
Price: $287
SKU SOG04-10 Photo
SKU: SOG04-10
Price: $270
SKU SOG06-5 Photo
SKU: SOG06-5
Price: $327
SKU SOG06-10 Photo
SKU: SOG06-10
Price: $328
SKU SOG08-5 Photo
SKU: SOG08-5
Price: $453
SKU SOG08-10 Photo
SKU: SOG08-10
Price: $438
SKU SOF04-5 Photo
SKU: SOF04-5
Price: $320
SKU SOF04-10 Photo
SKU: SOF04-10
Price: $387
SKU SOF06-5 Photo
SKU: SOF06-5
Price: $391
SKU SOF06-10 Photo
SKU: SOF06-10
Price: $457