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The CM Man Guard is a brand of hoists manufactured by Columbus McKinnon and designed for reliable service in heavy duty applications. This H3 duty cycle line of hoists with an H4 duty cycle motor comes with enhanced safety features, easy access to key components and environmentally friendly design.  A wide variety of capacities are available from 1/4 ton to 3 ton with options such as hook mounted, push, geared and motorized trolley suspensions available. Common lifts include 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet. Select Man Guard hoists are guaranteed to quick ship in 3 business days.

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SKU MG251610RH1 Photo
SKU: MG251610RH1
Price $1,829
SKU MG011610RH1 Photo
SKU: MG011610RH1
Price $2,300
SKU MG501610RH1 Photo
SKU: MG501610RH1
Price $2,086
SKU MG020810RH1 Photo
SKU: MG020810RH1
Price $2,819
SKU MG030510RH1 Photo
SKU: MG030510RH1
Price $3,615
SKU MG251610RH2 Photo
SKU: MG251610RH2
Price $1,829
SKU MG501610RH2 Photo
SKU: MG501610RH2
Price $2,086
SKU MG011610RH2 Photo
SKU: MG011610RH2
Price $2,300
SKU MG021610RH2 Photo
SKU: MG021610RH2
Price $3,168
SKU MG031010RH2 Photo
SKU: MG031010RH2
Price $3,996
SKU MG251615RH1 Photo
SKU: MG251615RH1
Price $1,922
SKU MG501615RH1 Photo
SKU: MG501615RH1
Price $2,179
SKU MG011615RH1 Photo
SKU: MG011615RH1
Price $2,415
SKU MG020815RH1 Photo
SKU: MG020815RH1
Price $3,022
SKU MG030515RH1 Photo
SKU: MG030515RH1
Price $3,908
SKU MG251615RH2 Photo
SKU: MG251615RH2
Price $1,922
SKU MG501615RH2 Photo
SKU: MG501615RH2
Price $2,179
SKU MG011615RH2 Photo
SKU: MG011615RH2
Price $2,415
SKU MG021615RH2 Photo
SKU: MG021615RH2
Price $3,370
SKU MG031015RH2 Photo
SKU: MG031015RH2
Price $4,288