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Recognized as a market leader and innovator in the hoist and crane industry, Harrington Hoists, Inc. provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for many industrial applications. Our top quality products include electric and air powered chain hoists and trolleys, electric wire rope hoists and trolleys, lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists, push and geared trolleys, overhead cranes, crane accessories and a full line of replacement parts. Harrington Hoists, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Harrington sells products through qualified, local industrial distributors, rigging supply, material handling distributors and crane builders throughout the U.S. We have also created a nationwide system of certified repair centers to support service needs after the sale. 

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SKU SNER003S-15 Photo
SKU: SNER003S-15
Price $2,131
SKU SNER003S-10 Photo
SKU: SNER003S-10
Price $2,038
SKU ED125S-10 Photo
SKU: ED125S-10
Price $1,200
SKU ED220S-10 Photo
SKU: ED220S-10
Price $1,276
SKU ED250S-10 Photo
SKU: ED250S-10
Price $1,298
SKU ED350S-10 Photo
SKU: ED350S-10
Price $1,298
SKU ED400S-10 Photo
SKU: ED400S-10
Price $1,547
SKU ED525S-10 Photo
SKU: ED525S-10
Price $1,553
SKU ED1050S-10 Photo
SKU: ED1050S-10
Price $1,688
SKU ED1050DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED1050DS-10
Price $3,344
SKU ED125DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED125DS-10
Price $2,180
SKU ED220DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED220DS-10
Price $2,214
SKU ED250DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED250DS-10
Price $2,274
SKU ED350DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED350DS-10
Price $2,848
SKU ED400DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED400DS-10
Price $2,386
SKU ED525DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED525DS-10
Price $2,904
SKU ED125DSA-10 Photo
SKU: ED125DSA-10
Price $2,571
SKU ED1050DSA-10 Photo
SKU: ED1050DSA-10
Price $3,732
SKU ED220DSA-10 Photo
SKU: ED220DSA-10
Price $2,604
SKU ED250DSA-10 Photo
SKU: ED250DSA-10
Price $2,664