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Custom Hoists

Hoists Direct provides custom engineered and specialty built-up hoists to end users, technicians, crane builders, and resellers throughout the United States.  Hoists Direct offers engineered hoists from the following leading hoist brands: Budgit, Columbus McKinnon, Coffing Hoists, J.D. Neuhaus, Harrington Hoists, Lodestar, Shaw-Box, Shopstar, Street, and Yale. As one of the largest suppliers of air hoists, electric hoists, and wire rope hoists in the United States, Hoists Direct is familiar with the engineering requirements within the harshest environments, including underwater, rainforest, desert and sub-zero environments, as well as clean room environments, including semiconductor fabrication facilities, food processing facilities, and medical facilities.

Hoists Direct works with engineering departments to design solutions to solve complex lifting problems.  Custom hoists often have unique NFPA class, division and group requirements, and a summary of the class and division requirements can be found on the hoist and crane hazardous area classification section of our website. Custom hoist applications often require extensive engineering and have features such as nickel-plated chain and hooks, stainless steel chain and hooks, corrosion resistance, paint free models, low headroom features, or special oils such as cryogenic hydraulic oil or food grade oil.                                                                                                             

Hoists Direct’s best selling custom lifting devices are:

•   Food Grade hoists for food manufacturers
•   Air hoists for subsea environments
•   Explosion proof hoists for oil and gas and coal
•   Stainless steel hoists for the food, medical and semiconductor industries
•   Cryogenic hoists for arctic environment
•   Long lift applications
•   High speed hoists
•   Dual speed hoists
•   Heavy duty applications
•   PLC controlled hoists
•   Radio controlled hoists
•   Low headroom hoists

Once all parties sign off on the engineering approval drawings, manufacturing a special application hoist can take 4 to 12 weeks depending on parts availability.  For more information on Hoists Direct’s custom capabilities, call 866-464-7871 to speak with a hoist service professional.