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Custom Lifting Devices

Hoists Direct offers custom fabricated below-the-hook lifting devices to handle complex lifting and rigging applications throughout the United States. 

Below-the-hook crane and hoist lifting attachments are manufactured by Hoists Direct’s partners: Caldwell and Harrington. All below-the-hook lifting products are manufactured to to comply with OSHA standards, including OHSA 1926.251 (a) (4) which is the load test provision for all below-the-hook devices. Our manufacturers have over a 100 years of experience designing and building custom lifting devices to meet any issue that you might have. Each quote will come with free engineering specs to make sure that the custom lifting device works for you. 


Fabrication capabilities range from 1 ton to 100 ton.  Common custom below-the-hook lifting devices include:

•    Custom coil lifters
•    Fixed bar tongs and adjustable bar tongs
•    Custom pallet lifters
•    Turn over beams: used to flip large pieces of equipment with ease
•    Equipment baskets
•    Custom spreader beams
•    Custom lifting beams
•    Custom bent bar
•    Custom J-hooks
•    Custom magnetic lifters
•    Custom stainless steel 4-point sack lifters


Special application custom below-the-hook lifters require 1 to 12 weeks to manufacture after receipt of engineering approval drawings. Hoists Direct has engineering resources able to assist in designing any custom lifting application. Call 866-464-7871 to speak with a hoist and crane professional.