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Overhead Crane & Hoist Training

Hoists Direct has partnered with two companies, Triple Phase Training and National Rigging & Crane Training (NRCT), to provide training solutions to industrial users of overhead cranes, hoists and variable frequency drives. Both Triple Phase Training and NRCT are renowned throughout the United States for mobile training experience tailored for industrial users.  

Triple Phase Training trainers come from the metals and aerospace industries and have decades of experience as a customer and end user of all-major crane and hoist brands. In addition, the trainers have significant experience as senior maintenance professionals for one of the largest precious metal producers in the United States. The Triple Phase Training staff can train your maintenance team to install, diagnose and repair: bridge cranes, crane pendants, lower block assemblies, hoist brakes, hoist variable frequency drives, crane radio controls, end trucks, motors and other common repair issues. Triple Phase Training courses include:

•    Crane and hoist repair training
•    VFD installation and diagnostic training
•    California-OSHA inspection preparation training (coming soon)

NRCT was formed by Peter Cooke, previously head of Columbus McKinnon Corporation’s training department.  Mr. Cooke is a member of the board of directors of the Rigging Certification Committee for Crane Institute Certification. Mr. Cooke serves on the ASME B30.9 Slings subcommittee, as well as previously served on the Rigging Certification task force and helped develop their Level 1 and 2 rigging certification exams.  NRCT courses include:

•    Certified rigger courses
•    Overhead crane operator and safety courses
•    Overhead crane and hoist inspection courses
•    Hoist maintenance troubleshooting courses


Tripple Phase Training Courses

Crane and Hoist Repair Training

Crane and hoist training courses range from a one-day course to a three-day course that provide crane technicians hands on experience.  The one and two-day crane repair courses offer a mix of coursework and hands-on lab work, with the three-day course including additional hands on experience.  The course covers topics such as the electrical system of a crane, troubleshooting techniques and common problems and repair solutions.  The course covers the fundamentals of crane and hoist repair taught by trainers familiar with all major hoist and crane equipment and parts.

VFD Installation and Diagnostic Training

This class covers the basic construction of all crane variable frequency drives (VFDs), as well as VFD installation and diagnostics of common VFD problems.  Attendees of the class will focus on installation, repair and programming of variable frequency drives with a mix of classroom based exercises and hands-on training.

California-OSHA Inspection Preparation Training

This class is coming soon.  California has unique OSHA standards covering overhead lifting applications.  Attendees of the class will receive in-depth training on the Cal – OHSA inspection process and leave with an understanding of the differences between Cal – OSHA and OSHA requirements. This course is an extensive preparation for technicians who wish to take the Cal-OSHA crane inspector certification test.

NRCT Training Courses

Certified Rigger Courses

Certified rigger classes range from half a day to multi day courses for riggers that are lifting routine and non-routine loads.  Courses cover rigging signals and use of common rigging equipment, including slings, hoist rings, plate clamps and shackles. Course options include preparation for the Rigging and Signal Person Certification option from the Crane Institute Certification program.  

Overhead Crane Operator and Safety Courses

Overhead crane operator and safety courses are for crane operators and covers the proper crane safety rules in accordance with OSHA and ASME B30.2 and B30.17.  The courses range in length from half a day to multi day and cover topics such as crane and hoist components, pre-operational inspections, proper rigging techniques, signaling and rigging hardware applications.  Advanced rigger options are available. 

Overhead Crane and Hoist Inspection Courses

Overhead crane and hoist inspection courses are for hoist and crane operators and inspection personnel. This 3 day course covers the requirements for periodic inspection of monorail, top running underhung hoist and trolley, and top running multiple girder hoist and trolley. The course thoroughly reviews OSHA 1910.179, ASME and CMAA standards.

Hoist Maintenance Troubleshooting Courses

Hoist maintenance troubleshooting courses are for hoist repair professionals.  The course covers the proper ways to inspection and repair either manual or powered hoists.  The courses emphase electrical theory and provides the product knowledge and training in accordance with B30.16 and B30.21 (as applicable).

More information on NRCT’s training services can be found on their website at www.nrctpro.com or in the NRTC brochure.

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