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Magnetek is a manufacturer of DC and AC variable frequency drives, radio remote controls, brakes, pendant pushbutton stations, cable & festoon systems and collision avoidance systems.  The company has been known for its quality Enrange Flex and Telemotive radio and crane control systems.  Large industrial users rely on Magnetek radio remotes to handle complex overhead cranes and hoists. Magnetek is a leading supplier of digital power and motion control systems for the material handling industry.

Our most popular Magnetek brands are the Telemotive and Enrange transmitters and receivers, as well as the Mondel brakes and the Impulse line of AC and DC controls.  Our best selling handheld products are the Magnetek Flex EX Radio Remote Controls (also known as the Enrange Flex EX Series product line) and our best selling bellybox product is the Magnetek Telemotive MLTX2 Series.

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SKU 4001-G+M Photo
SKU: 4001-G+M
Price $416
SKU 4002-G+M Photo
SKU: 4002-G+M
Price $457
SKU 4003-G+M Photo
SKU: 4003-G+M
Price $513
SKU 4004-G+M Photo
SKU: 4004-G+M
Price $599
SKU 4009-G+M Photo
SKU: 4009-G+M
Price $836
SKU 4014-G+M Photo
SKU: 4014-G+M
Price $1,252
SKU 4018-G+M Photo
SKU: 4018-G+M
Price $1,462
SKU 4024-G+M Photo
SKU: 4024-G+M
Price $3,306
SKU 4031-G+M Photo
SKU: 4031-G+M
Price $3,990
SKU 2001-G+M Photo
SKU: 2001-G+M
Price $366
SKU 2003-G+M Photo
SKU: 2003-G+M
Price $580
SKU 2005-G+M Photo
SKU: 2005-G+M
Price $428
SKU 2008-G+M Photo
SKU: 2008-G+M
Price $537
SKU 2011-G+M Photo
SKU: 2011-G+M
Price $549
SKU 2017-G+M Photo
SKU: 2017-G+M
Price $794
SKU 4001-G+S4 Photo
SKU: 4001-G+S4
Price $912
SKU 4003-G+S4 Photo
SKU: 4003-G+S4
Price $984
SKU 4004-G+S4 Photo
SKU: 4004-G+S4
Price $1,083
SKU 4005-G+S4 Photo
SKU: 4005-G+S4
Price $1,245
SKU 4007-G+S4 Photo
SKU: 4007-G+S4
Price $1,554