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Air Hoists

Hoists Direct offers many different capacities, brands, lifts and spark resistant options. Air hoists are generally more expensive than electric hoists.  Air chain hoists (also known as pneumatic hoists) are the preferred product when a continuous duty cycle is required, where infinitely variable control is required, or the application is in an explosive environment (requiring an explosion proof hoist).  The National Electric Code (NEC) for explosion proof control does not apply to air hoists because there is no electricity powering the hoist (non-electric). However your application may require the air hoist to have spark resistant features such as stainless steel hooks, stainless steel chain, and bronze trolley wheels. Other items you need to consider when choosing an air chain hoist (or pneumatic hoist) is hoist speed, lift (length of chain), suspension (hook, push trolley, motorized trolley), pendant station or pull-cord controlled.


Budgit, Harrington, J.D. Neuhaus & More

Our biggest Air Chain Hoist sellers are Harrington Hoist, Columbus McKinnon, Coffing,  Budgit, and JD Neuhaus. You can be confident that any hoist you buy from these manufacturers they will meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service.


SKU 2211 Photo
SKU: 2211
Price: $2,749
SKU 2215 Photo
SKU: 2215
Price: $2,755
SKU 2219 Photo
SKU: 2219
Price: $3,387
SKU 2212 Photo
SKU: 2212
Price: $3,264
SKU 2216 Photo
SKU: 2216
Price: $3,268
SKU 2220 Photo
SKU: 2220
Price: $3,900
SKU MINI-125/3 Photo
SKU: MINI-125/3
Price: $2,601
SKU MINI-125/5 Photo
SKU: MINI-125/5
Price: $2,741
SKU MINI-125/8 Photo
SKU: MINI-125/8
Price: $2,984
SKU MINI-250/3 Photo
SKU: MINI-250/3
Price: $2,966
SKU MINI-250/5 Photo
SKU: MINI-250/5
Price: $3,123
SKU MINI-250/8 Photo
SKU: MINI-250/8
Price: $3,384
SKU MINI-500/3 Photo
SKU: MINI-500/3
Price: $3,915
SKU MINI-500/5 Photo
SKU: MINI-500/5
Price: $4,073
SKU MINI-500/8 Photo
SKU: MINI-500/8
Price: $4,334
SKU MINI-1000/3 Photo
SKU: MINI-1000/3
Price: $4,676