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Hoist & Crane Electrification

Hoists Direct offers many electrification options for your hoist and crane applications.  These include cable reels, conductor bar systems, festoon cable systems, top entry collectors, bottom entry collectors and tag lines to provide power at any AMP to your hoist or crane. We provide all electrification accessories to provide complete hoist electrification and crane electrification.


Options & Accessories from Duct-O-Wire, Gleason Reel and More

Duct-O-Wire, Harrington Crane and Gleason Reel are our biggest sellers. These suppliers provide Flat Cable, Top Entry Collector bars, buss bars, tow bars, clamps, hangers, power feeds C-Track systems, electric cable reels, end stops, pendants, joint assemblies, and series A cable reels.  You can be confident that any hoist you buy from these manufacturers they will meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service.

SKU A-232B Photo
SKU: A-232B
Price: $731
SKU A-332D Photo
SKU: A-332D
Price: $735
SKU A-224B Photo
SKU: A-224B
Price: $752
SKU A-333D Photo
SKU: A-333D
Price: $765
SKU A-231B Photo
SKU: A-231B
Price: $777
SKU A-434D Photo
SKU: A-434D
Price: $783
SKU A-228B Photo
SKU: A-228B
Price: $817
SKU A-435D Photo
SKU: A-435D
Price: $876
SKU A-242B Photo
SKU: A-242B
Price: $779
SKU A-342D Photo
SKU: A-342D
Price: $792
SKU A-234B Photo
SKU: A-234B
Price: $796
SKU A-394D Photo
SKU: A-394D
Price: $857
SKU A-244B Photo
SKU: A-244B
Price: $806
SKU A-444D Photo
SKU: A-444D
Price: $871
SKU A-238B Photo
SKU: A-238B
Price: $829
SKU PB-16 Photo
SKU: PB-16
Price: $262