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Custom Crane Controls

​Hoists Direct provides custom crane radio controls to end users, technicians, crane builders, and resellers throughout the United States.  Hoists Direct offers engineered Telemotive crane radios and Enrange crane radios by Magnetek, Jaguar, and Panther crane radios by Tele Radio for use in hoist-trolley-crane systems.  Hoists Direct also kits electrification solutions manufactured by Duct-o-Wire, Columbus McKinnon, Magnetek, and Conductix.  As one of the largest suppliers of electric hoists and wire rope hoists in the United States, Hoists Direct is familiar with the engineering requirements within the harshest manufacturing environments.

Hoists Direct offers custom hoist and crane drive systems by Magnetek and pre-engineered drives under the IMPLUSE, G+, G+ MINI and IMPLUSE VG+.  Hoists Direct’s best selling custom radio controls are the Telemotive and Enrange Systems. These systems can be configured to work with every major brand of hoist and crane.  Hoists Direct has provided crane controls and hoist drives to heavy industrial users throughout North America, including:

•    Top 5 automotive manufacturers
•    Top 2 out of 3 of the largest railroads
•    Top 2 steel producers
•    Big 2 aerospace manufacturers
•    Top 2 out of 5 ports


Hoists Direct has engineering resources to assist in designing a custom overhead crane radios and electrification systems.

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