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A Culture Devoted To Hoists, Not Quarterly Returns

LUG-ALL Corporation is a 3rd generation, family-owned business that is planning for the next decade, not the next quarterly report. We are deeply committed to making the best manual hoists available. That means combining both on-going hoist design innovations with the latest in best practices for manufacturing. LUG-ALL manufactures a complete line of Cable and Strap hoists.  These are high quality Made in the USA products.

Results (36)
SKU 310-R Photo
SKU: 310-R
Price $240
SKU 3000-10 Photo
SKU: 3000-10
Price $207
SKU 2250-20 Photo
SKU: 2250-20
Price $202
SKU 215-R Photo
SKU: 215-R
Price $232
SKU 1000-15 Photo
SKU: 1000-15
Price $171
SKU 115-R Photo
SKU: 115-R
Price $205
SKU 1500-25 Photo
SKU: 1500-25
Price $202
SKU 125-R Photo
SKU: 125-R
Price $235
SKU 2250-15 Photo
SKU: 2250-15
Price $199
SKU 238-R Photo
SKU: 238-R
Price $295
SKU 2250-38 Photo
SKU: 2250-38
Price $262
SKU 3000-30 Photo
SKU: 3000-30
Price $251
SKU 330-R Photo
SKU: 330-R
Price $285
SKU 4000-20 Photo
SKU: 4000-20
Price $260
SKU 420-R Photo
SKU: 420-R
Price $293
SKU 6000-15 Photo
SKU: 6000-15
Price $594
SKU 2-A Photo
SKU: 2-A
Price $309
SKU 2-B Photo
SKU: 2-B
Price $338
SKU 2-U Photo
SKU: 2-U
Price $357
SKU 2-UB Photo
Price $361