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Slingmax is a manufacturer of quality and innovative rigging solutions for material handling. The company is best known for its Twin-Path and Single-Path round slings, both of which incorporate light weight technology allowing the sling to be easily maneuvered on an overhead lifting job. The company's lifting slings are found throughout the aerospace, automotive, construction, heavy manufacturing, steel, shipbuilding and utilities industries.The company can manufacture overhead lifting slings with a rated capacity up to 50 tons (100,000 lbs) with a variety of options including safety and inspection features to assist operators in safely performing overhead lifting applications.

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SKU SPXCF500-6 Photo
Price $137
SKU SPXCF500-12 Photo
SKU: SPXCF500-12
Price $251
SKU SPXCF1000-6 Photo
SKU: SPXCF1000-6
Price $176
SKU SPXCF1000-12 Photo
SKU: SPXCF1000-12
Price $323
SKU SPXCF1500-6 Photo
SKU: SPXCF1500-6
Price $215
SKU SPXCF1500-12 Photo
SKU: SPXCF1500-12
Price $403
SKU SPXCF2000-6 Photo
SKU: SPXCF2000-6
Price $281
SKU SPXCF2000-12 Photo
SKU: SPXCF2000-12
Price $527
SKU SPXCF2500-6 Photo
SKU: SPXCF2500-6
Price $335
SKU SPXCF2500-12 Photo
SKU: SPXCF2500-12
Price $631
SKU TPXCF3000-6 Photo
SKU: TPXCF3000-6
Price $462
SKU TPXCF3000-12 Photo
SKU: TPXCF3000-12
Price $874
SKU TPXCF3000-20 Photo
SKU: TPXCF3000-20
Price $1,437
SKU TPXCF4000-6 Photo
SKU: TPXCF4000-6
Price $628
SKU TPXCF4000-12 Photo
SKU: TPXCF4000-12
Price $1,163
SKU TPXCF4000-20 Photo
SKU: TPXCF4000-20
Price $1,885
SKU TPXCF5000-6 Photo
SKU: TPXCF5000-6
Price $813
SKU TPXCF5000-12 Photo
SKU: TPXCF5000-12
Price $1,507
SKU TPXCF5000-20 Photo
SKU: TPXCF5000-20
Price $2,447
SKU TPXCF6000-6 Photo
SKU: TPXCF6000-6
Price $945