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Coffing Hoists offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of their products. This is the best warranty in the business. Coffing Hoists prides themselves on offering a wide range of products to meet your lifting, pulling, and rigging needs. When you buy a Coffing hoist, you get performance you can count on. Coffing Hoists offers a large product offering from small manually operated hoists to large electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists. Most Coffing products are still Made in the USA and offer excellent value and quality.

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SKU 08239W Photo
SKU: 08239W
Price $2,314
SKU 08240W Photo
SKU: 08240W
Price $2,423
SKU 08241W Photo
SKU: 08241W
Price $2,532
SKU JLCMT2016-10-1 Photo
SKU: JLCMT2016-10-1
Price $4,961
SKU JLCMT2016-15-1 Photo
SKU: JLCMT2016-15-1
Price $5,070
SKU JLCMT2016-20-1 Photo
SKU: JLCMT2016-20-1
Price $5,179
SKU JLCMT2016-10-3 Photo
SKU: JLCMT2016-10-3
Price $4,610
SKU JLCVMT2016-10-3 Photo
SKU: JLCVMT2016-10-3
Price $5,394
SKU JLCMT2016-15-3 Photo
SKU: JLCMT2016-15-3
Price $4,719
SKU JLCMT2016-20-3 Photo
SKU: JLCMT2016-20-3
Price $4,829
SKU 08210W Photo
SKU: 08210W
Price $1,955
SKU 08211W Photo
SKU: 08211W
Price $2,064
SKU 08212W Photo
SKU: 08212W
Price $2,174
SKU 08213W Photo
SKU: 08213W
Price $2,075
SKU JLC0232-10-1 Photo
SKU: JLC0232-10-1
Price $1,854
SKU JLC0232-15-1 Photo
SKU: JLC0232-15-1
Price $1,963
SKU JLC0232-20-1 Photo
SKU: JLC0232-20-1
Price $2,072
SKU JLC0232-10-3 Photo
SKU: JLC0232-10-3
Price $1,854
SKU JLC0232-15-3 Photo
SKU: JLC0232-15-3
Price $1,963
SKU JLC0232-20-3 Photo
SKU: JLC0232-20-3
Price $2,072