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Beam Clamps & Trolleys

Hoists Direct offers many different brands and capacities of hoist trolleys and beam clamps.  Hoist trolleys are used on I-beams and W-beams to move the hoist horizontally.  This is accomplished by providing the trolleys with both a flat and tapered wheel.  This allows the same trolley to work on both types of I-beams.  They can be operated manually with a push trolley, gear operated with a hand chain, or a motor driven trolley. Motorized trolleys can be powered by either electricity or air power.  Beam clamps are used to secure a hoist in a fixed position on an I-beam or W-Beam to provide an anchor point to attach a hoist. Both trolleys and beam clamps are designed to lift the load vertically and not have any side load added. Lifting beam clamps and hoist trolleys are offered in a wide variety of sizes from 1 ton to 25 ton, with the 2 ton, 3 ton and 5 ton options being the most common.


Beta Max, Coffing, Harrington, J.D. Neuhaus, Ross & Tractel

Hoists Direct supplies beam clamps and trolleys manufactured by Beta Max, Coffing, Harrington, J.D. Neuhaus, Ross, Tractel, Columbus McKinnon and Budgit Hoist.  You can be assured that any beam clamp or trolley you buy from these manufacturers will meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service.