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Industrial Manufacturers of Cranes and Hoists

Hoists Direct is proud to distribute products from all high quality industrial manufactures.  We strive to distribute American made hoist and American made crane products.  We offer high quality hoists and cranes from the following crane manufacturers: Abell-Howe, Beta Max, Harrington Hoists, Thern and Wallace Crane.  Our high quality hoist manufacturers are: Budgit, Caldwell, Coffing Hoists, Tractel, Street Crane, Tele-Radio, Columbus McKinnon, Duct-O-Wire, Gleason Reel, JD Neuhaus, Lug-All, My-Te Winch.  If you are looking for a brand that is not showing up, please contact one of our experienced hoist specialists at 866-464-7871


Coffing, Harrington, Budgit, Duct-O-Wire & More

If you are looking for guidance on which products provide the best price and performance we usually suggest the Harrington, Budgit, Ductowire, Tele-Radio and Coffing brands.  These products have proven themselves over time to provide our customer with high quality components that meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and have provided years of service.

Abell-Howe Company has been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and erecting overhead material handling systems for over 75 years. Known for their extensive product line and engineering skills... View Details

ACCO hoists are manufactured by ACCO Material Handling in York, PA.  The hoists are available in either a wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist configuration and ACCO hoists are found within... View Details

In 1985, Beta Max Hoist introduced the first high-speed, long-lift, wire rope material hoist systems as an alternative solution for general construction material lifting in Melbourne, FL.  

... View Details

When value is the ultimate goal, the Budgit Hoists brand provides the ultimate solution. Hoists for heavy duty applications provide power and durability at an economical price. Electric chain... View Details

Founded in 1954, Caldwell is the leading manufacturer of below the hook lifting solutions, vacuum lifters and... View Details

Chester Hoist is a manufacturer of specialty custom hoists and trolleys to meet unique overhead lifting requirements. From spark-resistant hoists for use on offshore oil platforms and low headroom... View Details

The CM Man Guard is a brand of hoists manufactured by Columbus McKinnon and designed for reliable service in heavy... View Details

Coffing Hoists offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of their products. This is the best warranty in the business. Coffing Hoists prides themselves on offering a wide range of products to meet your... View Details

Columbus McKinnon Corporation

The Global Leader in Providing Products and Application Knowledge to Help Customers Lift, Position, or Secure Materials Easily and Safely.... View Details

The Crosby Group is a manufacturer of rigging products, such as lifting hooks, lifting eyes and shackles for industrial and construction end markets. Crosby hooks and shackles are often used by... View Details

Duct-O-Wire is the Leader in Electrification and Control Products For Overhead Cranes, Monorails, Hoists, Trolleys, Automatic Stacker-Retrieval Systems and Material Handling... View Details

Since 1911 - over 100 years, Gleason Reel Corporation has been in the business of CABLE & HOSE MANAGEMENT. Our products are designed to convey and protect valuable cables and... View Details