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Crane and Hoist Services

Hoists Direct offers a wide variety of custom applications for hoists, winches and cranes. Our technicians have the knowledge to create something specific to fit your particular need and get it to you in the most timely and economical manner as possible. We work closely with manufacturers and engineers to make sure we have the right solution to your specific issue. We are also able to customize control systems for your hoist and crane system. We are able to create custom below the hook devices to almost any specification. Need a custom industrial winch?  We have designed and manufactured winches for many shipyards, Fortune 500 companies and construction companies around the world.  Our ability to create a custom hoist really sets us apart from our competitors. We work with major hoist manufacturers worldwide, which allows us to make sure you are being delivered what you need. Overhead cranes that are typically used in heavy industrial settings can also be found throughout Hoists Direct. There are many ways to meet your specific environment, meaning you can have your crane overhung or underhung, whichever suits your work area best.  Our key services include:

Custom Applications
•  Custom crane controls
•  Custom hoists
•  Custom lifting devices

•  Custom overhead cranes
•  Custom winches

Inspection & Repairs
•  Crane and hoist repairs
•  Crane and hoist inspections

In addition, we have partnered with Triple Phase Training to provide crane and hoist repair training solutions and VFD installation and diagnostic training to industrial users of overhead cranes, hoists and variable frequency drives. Triple Phase Training is an experienced provider of crane and hoist training solutions in the United States.  

No matter your situation, you can depend on Hoists Direct to provide the best service, price, and equipment available. Give us a call at 866-464-7871 to speak with a hoist and crane expert.