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Forklift Attachments

Hoists Direct offers many different types and capacities of forklift attachments.  We offer clamp on bucket forks, fork hooks, fixed beam booms, forklift booms, forklift cranes, and forklift extensions.  We offer forkklift attachments at a variety of capacities, including common capacities such as 3,000 pounds, 4,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds. Our biggest seller is The Caldwell Group.


Bucket Forks, Fork Hooks, Booms & More

You can be confident that any forklift attachment, forklift hook, Crane, forklift boom or forklift accessory you buy from Caldwell will meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service.


SKU 5-1-1/2-4 Photo
SKU: 5-1-1/2-4
Price: $135
SKU 5S-1-1/2-4 Photo
SKU: 5S-1-1/2-4
Price: $137
SKU 5-1-1/2-5 Photo
SKU: 5-1-1/2-5
Price: $136
SKU 5S-1-1/2-5 Photo
SKU: 5S-1-1/2-5
Price: $143
SKU 5-1-1/2-6 Photo
SKU: 5-1-1/2-6
Price: $139
SKU 5S-1-1/2-6 Photo
SKU: 5S-1-1/2-6
Price: $157
SKU 10-2-20 Photo
SKU: 10-2-20
Price: $263
SKU 10S-2-20 Photo
SKU: 10S-2-20
Price: $312
SKU 10-5-24 Photo
SKU: 10-5-24
Price: $385
SKU 10S-5-24 Photo
SKU: 10S-5-24
Price: $437
SKU FE6-60 Photo
SKU: FE6-60
Price: $470
SKU FE6-72 Photo
SKU: FE6-72
Price: $505
SKU FE4-60 Photo
SKU: FE4-60
Price: $321
SKU FE4-72 Photo
SKU: FE4-72
Price: $441
SKU FE5-60 Photo
SKU: FE5-60
Price: $384
SKU FE5-72 Photo
SKU: FE5-72
Price: $483