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Wallace Cranes have a reputation that's unmatched in the lifting industry. With over 50 years of designing, building and shipping gantries all over the world,  Wallace Cranes has earned the reputation of having--MORE GANTRIES STILL IN USE--than any other manufacturer. We Design, Build, and Ship premium quality Portable Gantry Cranes across the nation and around the world from our Malvern, PA headquarters. We rely on our own equipment, such as the 5 Ton Tri-Adjustable unit.

The fact is, although other manufacturers have tried to interpret our original patents, we remain your most experienced producer of quality engineered lifting  products.

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SKU 29-10AC Photo
SKU: 29-10AC
Price $2,369
SKU 212-10AC Photo
SKU: 212-10AC
Price $2,544
SKU 29-15AC Photo
SKU: 29-15AC
Price $2,619
SKU 212-15AC Photo
SKU: 212-15AC
Price $2,777
SKU 29-20AC Photo
SKU: 29-20AC
Price $2,770
SKU 212-20AC Photo
SKU: 212-20AC
Price $2,914
SKU 412-10AC Photo
SKU: 412-10AC
Price $3,612
SKU 415-10AC Photo
SKU: 415-10AC
Price $3,846
SKU 412-15AC Photo
SKU: 412-15AC
Price $4,301
SKU 415-15AC Photo
SKU: 415-15AC
Price $4,385
SKU 412-20AC Photo
SKU: 412-20AC
Price $4,730
SKU 415-20AC Photo
SKU: 415-20AC
Price $4,815
SKU 612-10AC Photo
SKU: 612-10AC
Price $4,067
SKU 615-10AC Photo
SKU: 615-10AC
Price $4,198
SKU R3-282 Photo
SKU: R3-282
Price $1,364
SKU H3-2142 Photo
SKU: H3-2142
Price $2,578
SKU H3-4122 Photo
SKU: H3-4122
Price $2,131
SKU R3-642 Photo
SKU: R3-642
Price $1,272
SKU R3-662 Photo
SKU: R3-662
Price $1,355
SKU H3-8102 Photo
SKU: H3-8102
Price $2,123