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Unified Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of material handling equipment, including workstation cranes, air balancers, air tractors, ergonomic lift assists, articulating arms and rail systems.  Since 1953, the company has produced patented rail trolleys, workstation cranes, rail systems and other material handling equipment to assist operators with their overhead lifting requirements.  Unified became the first in the industry to offer customers an aluminum track system, while utilizing trolleys with high impact nylon rollers for unparalleled ease of movement.  The company is best known for its "ETA" line of aluminum enclosed track bridge cranes and monorail systems.  The company has the capabilities to fully kit enclosed track rail systems and articulating track rail systems with hangers, runways, bridges, trolleys, end stops and festooning.  Unified cranes are found throughout manufacturing environments in the United States and nearly all major automotive manufacturing companies use Unified air balancers on their assembly lines for ergonomic lifting and positioning heavy objects.  Unified is a subsidiary of Columbus McKinnon Corporation. 

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