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Abell-Howe Company has been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and erecting overhead material handling systems for over 75 years. Known for their extensive product line and engineering skills, Abell-Howe provides both standardized cranes, as well as the expertise to design most any type of crane to meet the ever-changing needs of the end user.

Abell-Howe is a member of CMAA and is on the board that establishes standards for mechanical, structural, and electrical design of cranes. These engineering innovations and improvements are incorporated into every crane we manufacture, assuring product reliability, safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. In-house design, engineering, and manufacturing assure the best possible solutions available. Combined with a wide selection of accessories Abell-Howe provides lifting solutions for most every need. In addition, Abell-Howe offers crane erection, runway installation, and crane servicing worldwide. Services include rebuilds, modernization and upgrade, plus the complete inspection and servicing of all models of cranes.

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SKU: 4B0029
Price $2,217
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SKU: 4B0031
Price $2,255
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SKU: 4B0033
Price $3,010
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SKU: 4B0039
Price $3,381
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SKU: 4B0055
Price $2,293
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SKU: 4B0057
Price $2,931
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SKU: 4B0059
Price $3,128
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SKU: 4B0065
Price $3,499
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SKU: 4B0198
Price $2,220
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SKU: 4B0200
Price $2,914
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SKU: 4B0202
Price $2,973
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SKU: 4B0208
Price $4,229
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SKU: 4B0224
Price $2,899
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SKU: 4B0226
Price $3,035
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SKU: 4B0228
Price $3,396
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SKU: 4B0234
Price $4,931
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SKU: 4B0367
Price $2,988
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SKU: 4B0369
Price $3,157
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SKU: 4B0371
Price $4,027
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SKU: 4B0373
Price $4,110