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Hoists Direct works with the leading USA made sling manufacturers to offer the best quality lifting straps at the lowest possible price.  We offer Endless and Eye & Eye Slings. The vertical lifting capacities range between 3,000 to 20,000 lbs and come either as single ply slings or double ply slings.   All our lifting slings are constructed of high quality fibers and are made in the USA. 

Results (140)
SKU SOS04-5 Photo
SKU: SOS04-5
Price $187
SKU SOS04-10 Photo
SKU: SOS04-10
Price $202
SKU SOS06-5 Photo
SKU: SOS06-5
Price $201
SKU SOS06-10 Photo
SKU: SOS06-10
Price $220
SKU SOS08-5 Photo
SKU: SOS08-5
Price $268
SKU SOS08-10 Photo
SKU: SOS08-10
Price $300
SKU SOG04-5 Photo
SKU: SOG04-5
Price $187
SKU SOG04-10 Photo
SKU: SOG04-10
Price $202
SKU SOG06-5 Photo
SKU: SOG06-5
Price $201
SKU SOG06-10 Photo
SKU: SOG06-10
Price $220
SKU SOG08-5 Photo
SKU: SOG08-5
Price $268
SKU SOG08-10 Photo
SKU: SOG08-10
Price $300
SKU SOF04-5 Photo
SKU: SOF04-5
Price $227
SKU SOF04-10 Photo
SKU: SOF04-10
Price $242
SKU SOF06-5 Photo
SKU: SOF06-5
Price $274
SKU SOF06-10 Photo
SKU: SOF06-10
Price $293
SKU SOF08-5 Photo
SKU: SOF08-5
Price $341
SKU SOF08-10 Photo
SKU: SOF08-10
Price $373
SKU DOS04-5 Photo
SKU: DOS04-5
Price $281
SKU DOS04-10 Photo
SKU: DOS04-10
Price $304