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Overhead Crane Inspections

Hoists Direct is proud to offer hoist and crane inspections throughout North Carolina.  Hoist and overhead crane inspections are provided by the Hoists Direct service group, which provides on-call, emergency repair and scheduled hoist and overhead crane repairs throughout North Carolina.  Our team services the overhead crane inspection requirements for large industrial and heavy manufacturing facilities.

Hoists Direct understands that having a hoist or workstation crane “down” can cause problems throughout your production line. Our hoist and overhead crane inspection program covers every operating mechanism, all wear items, key structural components, bolted and welded connections and code compliance.  Our inspectors are well versed in identifying wear on motorized trolleys, gear boxes, lower hook block assemblies and wire rope drums. Our inspectors remove component covers to inspect brake operation and adjustment, hoist limit switch function and proper functioning of gearboxes, wire rope and loan chain.  Our OSHA hoist inspection and crane maintenance program can keep your equipment well-maintained, increasing job site safety and production.


Periodic or Annual Inspections
Overhead crane inspection requirements depend on crane and hoist usage and environment.  OSHA (CFR-29 §1910.179) outlines the general requirements for daily, monthly and periodic inspections, while ASME provides guidelines on general requirements for inspections. Written documentation is required for both monthly and periodic inspections. Periodic inspections should be performed by properly trained technicians.  Hoists Direct’s inspectors are well-known throughout the hoist and crane industry and Hoists Direct’s service group team leader has trained technicians at other crane builders and hoist and crane service companies throughout the United States.  Our hoist and overhead crane inspection program covers both ASME B.30 standards and OSHA 1910.179 overhead lifting standards.


Expertise In All Major Hoist Brands
Our hoist inspectors are OEM-trained to perform OSHA hoist inspections of all major hoist brands, including:
•  Budgit
•  Chester
•  Coffing Hoist
•  CM Hoist
•  Harrington Hoist
•  Little Mule
​•  Lodestar
​•  Shaw-Box
​•  Shopstar
​•  Yale Hoist


On-Demand Inspections 
Is your hoist or workstation crane having problems? Call us at (866)-464-7871 we can have one of our inspectors come to your business to help diagnose the problem.  

Crane and hoist inspections are currently only available in North Carolina.  Check back soon for new locations.

Call 866-464-7871 to speak with a hoist and crane expert.