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Founded in Winona, Minnesota by the mechanically inclined Royal G. Thern and his wife, Lucille, during the post World War II boom, Thern Incorporated began with a handful of basic winches and other miscellaneous tools.

After the war, Royal and Lucille settled in the small, flourishing town of Winona on the banks of the Mississippi river where they created a corn sheller, lever operated chain hoist, cordwood saw frame and a differential chain hoist. These innovative products were the foundation for the lifting, pulling and positioning solutions the company manufactures today.

More than sixty years later, Thern has built a solid reputation for manufacturing the most dependable, powerful and durable solutions for moving loads of all sizes. Our extensive selection of off-the-shelf models and ability to design custom solutions, is why customers in markets around the world choose Thern winches and cranes for applications around the world.

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SKU 5122M1 Photo
SKU: 5122M1
Price $837
SKU 5122M1GAL Photo
SKU: 5122M1GAL
Price $941
SKU 5122M3SS Photo
SKU: 5122M3SS
Price $1,904
SKU 5PA5-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PA5-M1
Price $1,152
SKU 5PA5-E2 Photo
SKU: 5PA5-E2
Price $2,592
SKU 5PA5G-M1 Photo
Price $1,314
SKU 5PA5S-M3 Photo
Price $2,354
SKU 5PT10-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PT10-M1
Price $1,814
SKU 5PT10-M2 Photo
SKU: 5PT10-M2
Price $1,967
SKU 5PT10-E2 Photo
SKU: 5PT10-E2
Price $3,015
SKU 5PT20-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PT20-M1
Price $2,543
SKU 5PT20-E2 Photo
SKU: 5PT20-E2
Price $3,744
SKU 4WP2 Photo
Price $1,692
SKU 4771A Photo
SKU: 4771A
Price $1,926
SKU 4771DC Photo
SKU: 4771DC
Price $2,615
SKU 4WP2-PN Photo
Price $2,232
SKU 4WP2T8-2000-8 Photo
SKU: 4WP2T8-2000-8
Price $1,926
SKU 4777A Photo
SKU: 4777A
Price $2,192
SKU 4WP2TC-2000-8 Photo
SKU: 4WP2TC-2000-8
Price $2,196
SKU 4WM2 Photo
Price $716