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Harrington Air Hoists

Hoists Direct's most popular air hoists manufactured by Harrington Hoists are the 1 ton and 2 ton options suspended with a hook mount, beam clamp or push trolley. Each pneumatic chain hoist can come with either a pendant control or a pull cord. All air chain hoists can be configured with lifts varying from 10 feet to over 100 feet depending on the hoist’s capacity (or working load limit). Air hoists are perfect for when you have frequent starts and stops. Because they don’t require electricity, air hoists are frequently used in explosion proof applications such as flour mills, oil rigs and natural gas facilities. Air hoists do require air lines, typically with 90 PSI.

The Harrington AW is a wash down hoist perfect for your clean room environment such as a pharmaceutical plant or food manufacturer. The Harrington TCR is great for lifting heavy loads such as those found in shipyards or manufacturing plants. The Harrington TCS offers speeds up to 65 FPM, which is well suited for repetitive lifting applications. If you have any questions about our air hoists, need a filter, regulator or lubricator for you hoist, please give us a call at 866-464-7871

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SKU AH250C Photo
Price: $1,807
SKU AH500C Photo
Price: $1,947
SKU AH250P Photo
Price: $2,539
SKU AH500P Photo
Price: $2,679
SKU TCR250C Photo
Price: $2,874
SKU AH250M-6.5 Photo
SKU: AH250M-6.5
Price: $2,683
SKU AH500M-6.5 Photo
SKU: AH500M-6.5
Price: $2,817
SKU TCR500C Photo
Price: $2,922
SKU TCS250C-10 Photo
SKU: TCS250C-10
Price: $3,119
SKU TCS500C-10 Photo
SKU: TCS500C-10
Price: $3,119
SKU TCS500C-15 Photo
SKU: TCS500C-15
Price: $3,194
SKU TCS250C-15 Photo
SKU: TCS250C-15
Price: $3,194
SKU AH250M-13 Photo
SKU: AH250M-13
Price: $3,019
SKU TCS500C-20 Photo
SKU: TCS500C-20
Price: $3,270
SKU TCS250C-20 Photo
SKU: TCS250C-20
Price: $3,270
SKU AH500M-13 Photo
SKU: AH500M-13
Price: $3,152