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  • Harrington 1/4 Ton TCR Air Hoist, 10', Hook, Pendant Control photo

Harrington 1/4 Ton TCR Air Hoist with 10’ of Lift, Hook Mount with Pendant Control



Manufacturer: Harrington Hoist, Capacity: ¼ Ton, Lift: 10’ Feet, Hook mount with Pendant Control. Hoist Speed Up:  Full Load: 52 FPM – No Load 68 FPM, Hoist Speed Down: Full Load: 51 FPM – No Load: 44 FPM. 1 Chain Fall. Pendant Drop: 6’’ Feet, Headroom: 18.2”, Weight: 68 Pounds.  Does not come standard with chain container.


Fine Feathering Movement - Small movements via precision starting and stopping can be achieved with either the Pendant or Cord Control. Springs under motor vanes keep vanes engaged at all times for smooth startup, operation and control. Simple conversion from pull cord control to pendant control - no internal modification is necessary.

Quiet Operation With External Muffler - Noise level averages 80dBA at 1 yard from the hoist with no load.

Control 100% Duty Cycle Multi-Vane Motor - Provides fine feathering movement. Low maintenance, heavy-duty design is reliable and durable.

Two Options - Available in push button pendant or pull cord control. Control type can be easily switched with minimal modification to the hoist.

High Strength Cast Iron Housing - Compact size is lightweight but durable in harsh environments. Weather resistant.

Upper And Lower Limit Stops - Prevents over-travel of the hook in up or down direction.

Built-In Load Limiter - Automatically stops lifting when load is over the rated capacity (+25% setting).

Abrasion And Wear Resistant Load Chain - Grade 80, case-hardened, manganese alloy load chain provides superior strength. Optional corrosion resistant, nickel-diffused load chain is available.

Flexible Chain Container - Optional canvas container is less prone to damage and keeps slack chain out of the way.

Friction Reducing Ball Bearings

Reliable And Precise Braking Action - Non-asbestos, self-adjusting brake.

Convertible Hook Or Lug Mount Suspension

Load Tested - To 125% of rated capacity. Test certificate provided.