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Harrington Crane Kits

Harrington Hoists offers top running, underhung and double girder end trucks as well as complete bridge crane kits. Hoist electrification or festoon kits can also be added to these for a more turnkey system. End trucks can be push, geared or motorized depending on your need.

Complete bridge crane kits can be ordered with spans from 10 to 24 feet in capacities ½ ton, 1 ton and 2 ton. These crane kits include pre-drilled bridge beam or monorail, end trucks, necessary hardware, installation instructions, labels and bracing. We also offer larger capacities such as 5 and 10 ton bridge cranes as a kitted solution. Crane kits do not come with a hoist, if you need a hoist with your crane kit, please call us at 866-464-7871.

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SKU CHPC-1/2-10 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-10
Price: $1,577
SKU CHPC-1/2-12 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-12
Price: $1,656
SKU CHPC-1/2-14 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-14
Price: $1,745
SKU CHPC-1-10 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1-10
Price: $1,782
SKU CHPC-1/2-15 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-15
Price: $1,790
SKU CHPC-1/2-16 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-16
Price: $1,835
SKU CHPC-1-12 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1-12
Price: $1,867
SKU CHPC-1/2-18 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-18
Price: $2,111
SKU CHPC-1-14 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1-14
Price: $2,114
SKU CHPC-2-10 Photo
SKU: CHPC-2-10
Price: $2,136
SKU CHPC-1-15 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1-15
Price: $2,165
SKU CHPC-1/2-20 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-20
Price: $2,210
SKU CHPC-2-12 Photo
SKU: CHPC-2-12
Price: $2,389
SKU CHPC-1-16 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1-16
Price: $2,406
SKU CHPC-1-18 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1-18
Price: $2,530
SKU CHPC-1/2-22 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-22
Price: $2,575