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Harrington Manual Hoists

Hoists Direct proudly offers Harrington Manual chain hoists. Our most popular hand chain hoist is the CF010 and CF020, which are the 1 and 2 ton hand chain hoists. For lever hoists, (come along) our most popular would be the LB008 and LB020, The LB008 is a ¾ ton lever hoist, while the LB020 is a 2 ton lever hoist. All chain falls and come along hoists can be configured with lifts varying from 8 feet to over 100 feet depending on the hoist’s capacity (or working load limit).

Specialty options are available such as a Boeing kit, which disables the freewheeling clutch on a lever hoist, which are very popular with the aerospace industry. Other options include an ultra-low headroom Navy trolley hoist, spark resistant hoist and the SHB model hoist which has a capacity up to 10 tons, but a headroom of only 10 inches. Harrington CB and CF hand chain hoists are used around the world to help lift loads for manufacturers, shipyards, marina’s and heavy industries. Harrington also makes the LX and CX mini hoists, which are the perfect mobile ready hoist. These hoists typically weigh a few pounds but can lift up to 1,000 lbs. If you need a chain container for your hand chain hoist, please call us at 866-464-7871.

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SKU LX003-5 Photo
SKU: LX003-5
Price: $250
SKU CF005-10 Photo
SKU: CF005-10
Price: $268
SKU LX003-10 Photo
SKU: LX003-10
Price: $285
SKU CF010-10 Photo
SKU: CF010-10
Price: $314
SKU CF005-15 Photo
SKU: CF005-15
Price: $329
SKU LX005-5 Photo
SKU: LX005-5
Price: $352
SKU LX005-10 Photo
SKU: LX005-10
Price: $391
SKU CF010-15 Photo
SKU: CF010-15
Price: $380
SKU CX003-10 Photo
SKU: CX003-10
Price: $387
SKU CF005-20 Photo
SKU: CF005-20
Price: $414
SKU LB008-5 Photo
SKU: LB008-5
Price: $448
SKU CF015-10 Photo
SKU: CF015-10
Price: $458
SKU CF010-20 Photo
SKU: CF010-20
Price: $466
SKU LB008-10 Photo
SKU: LB008-10
Price: $496
SKU LB010-5 Photo
SKU: LB010-5
Price: $504
SKU CX005-10 Photo
SKU: CX005-10
Price: $511