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Harrington Electric Hoists

Harrington Hoists offers a wide variety of electric chain hoists including the SNER hoist which is the single phase model and the NER which is the three phase model. These hoists come with a 10 year warranty on their brakes. Variable speed hoists are also available in the EDV, EQ and SEQ model of hoists. Harrington’s ER models come equipped standard with a secondary load break as an added safety feature.

Hoists Direct’s most popular Harrington electric hoist is the SNER010L, which is a single phase 1-ton electric hoist with a hook suspension. All Harrington electric chain hoists can be configured with lifts varying from 10 feet to over 100 feet depending on the hoist’s capacity (or working load limit). For hoist suspensions, we offer hook mount, push trolley, manual trolley, geared trolley and motorized trolley. Harrington Hoists come in a variety of capacities from 1/8 ton hoist all the way to a 20 ton chain hoist. Food grade and dual speed hoists are also available. If you have any questions about Harrington electric chain hoists or need Harrington Hoists parts, please give us a call at 866-464-7871.

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SKU SNER003S-15 Photo
SKU: SNER003S-15
Price: $2,684
SKU ED125S-10 Photo
SKU: ED125S-10
Price: $1,517
SKU ED220S-10 Photo
SKU: ED220S-10
Price: $1,614
SKU ED250S-10 Photo
SKU: ED250S-10
Price: $1,641
SKU ED350S-10 Photo
SKU: ED350S-10
Price: $1,794
SKU ED350V-10 Photo
SKU: ED350V-10
Price: $2,235
SKU ED250V-10 Photo
SKU: ED250V-10
Price: $2,235
SKU ED400S-10 Photo
SKU: ED400S-10
Price: $1,958
SKU ED525S-10 Photo
SKU: ED525S-10
Price: $2,082
SKU ED500V-10 Photo
SKU: ED500V-10
Price: $2,675
SKU ED1050S-10 Photo
SKU: ED1050S-10
Price: $2,134
SKU SNER003S-10 Photo
SKU: SNER003S-10
Price: $2,567
SKU ED125DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED125DS-10
Price: $2,693
SKU ED220DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED220DS-10
Price: $2,735
SKU ED250DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED250DS-10
Price: $2,809
SKU ED400DS-10 Photo
SKU: ED400DS-10
Price: $2,947