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Hoists Direct offers many different products, brands, capacities, spans and options for freestanding jib cranes, wall mounted jib cranes, davit cranes, pneumatic cranes, portable cranes, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, truck mounted cranes, and tripod cranes. We also have the ability to custom engineer single girder overhead cranes and double girder overhead cranes, including top running cranes and underhung cranes.  Our biggest sellers are 5 ton to 10 ton custom overhead traveling cranes and cranes manufactured by Wallace Cranes, Thern, Beta Max, Harrington Hoists, Gorbel, Spanco, Vestil, and Abell Howe.  These manufacturers offer high quality, industrial, reliable products you can buy.  If you would like to find a crane or create a custom overhead crane please reach out to one of our experienced crane specialists at 866-464-7871.


Overhead, Gantry, Bridge, Jib, Tripod, Davit Cranes and Accessories

When selecting a crane you need to determine the capacity in tons, height in feet, boom length, bridge width, runway length, pedestal type, socket type, winch type, electric or manual operation, and connection points such as scaffolding, floor or wall. You will also need to determine what additional accessories and parts are required such as anchor bolts, templates, cable, spools, wire rope, power collectors for rotary options, covers, and tag line kits.


SKU 4-10142 Photo
SKU: 4-10142
Price: $964
SKU A0T12-A10AC Photo
SKU: A0T12-A10AC
Price: $4,931
SKU A0T12-A15AC Photo
SKU: A0T12-A15AC
Price: $5,408
SKU 4B0198 Photo
SKU: 4B0198
Price: $2,262
SKU 4B0200 Photo
SKU: 4B0200
Price: $2,970
SKU 4B0202 Photo
SKU: 4B0202
Price: $3,030
SKU 4B0208 Photo
SKU: 4B0208
Price: $4,311
SKU 4B0224 Photo
SKU: 4B0224
Price: $2,955
SKU 4B0226 Photo
SKU: 4B0226
Price: $3,094
SKU 4B0228 Photo
SKU: 4B0228
Price: $3,462
SKU 4B0234 Photo
SKU: 4B0234
Price: $5,026
SKU CHPC-1/2-10 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-10
Price: $1,501
SKU CHPC-1/2-12 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-12
Price: $1,577
SKU CHPC-1/2-14 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-14
Price: $1,661
SKU CHPC-1/2-15 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-15
Price: $1,704
SKU CHPC-1/2-16 Photo
SKU: CHPC-1/2-16
Price: $1,747