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Gantry Cranes

Hoists Direct offers many different types, capacities and spans of overhead lifting gantry cranes, which are commonly found in the aerospace, oil & gas, fabrication, utility, shipyard and heavy manufacturing industries. We offer workshop gantry cranes (also known as a frame lifts) in a free-standing, portable, fixed height or adjustable height configurations that are great for your warehouse or shop floor. Our mobile gantry cranes range in capacity from 300 lbs with a span of 7.5 feet to 10 tons with a span of 20 feet, and our adjustable height cranes range in capacity from 300 lbs with a span of 7.5 feet to 5 tons with a span of 20 feet. Steel, stainless steel and aluminum options, as well as special coatings for outdoor applications, are available.  We also offer gantry crane kit solutions including the crane, hoist and trolley as a package, as well as offer accessories such as festooning kits. If you need more than 10 tons or a span longer than 20 feet, give us a call and we can custom engineer a specialty crane for your unique application.  

Wallace, Spanco and Vestil

Our best-selling gantry crane is the 1 ton and 3 ton Wallace tri-adjustable crane, Spanco aluminum gantry or the Vestil height adjustable gantry for industrial applications. All Spanco and Wallace cranes for sale are made in the United States. You can be confident that any gantry you buy from us will provide years of service.

SKU 29-10AC Photo
SKU: 29-10AC
Price: $3,584
SKU 212-10AC Photo
SKU: 212-10AC
Price: $3,849
SKU 29-15AC Photo
SKU: 29-15AC
Price: $3,962
SKU 212-15AC Photo
SKU: 212-15AC
Price: $4,202
SKU 29-20AC Photo
SKU: 29-20AC
Price: $4,191
SKU 212-20AC Photo
SKU: 212-20AC
Price: $4,409
SKU 412-10AC Photo
SKU: 412-10AC
Price: $5,464
SKU 415-10AC Photo
SKU: 415-10AC
Price: $5,818
SKU 412-15AC Photo
SKU: 412-15AC
Price: $6,507
SKU 415-15AC Photo
SKU: 415-15AC
Price: $6,635
SKU 412-20AC Photo
SKU: 412-20AC
Price: $7,157
SKU 415-20AC Photo
SKU: 415-20AC
Price: $7,285
SKU 612-10AC Photo
SKU: 612-10AC
Price: $6,153
SKU 615-10AC Photo
SKU: 615-10AC
Price: $6,352
SKU FHS-50 Photo
Price: $1,761
SKU FHS-2-10 Photo
SKU: FHS-2-10
Price: $2,366