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  • Tele-Radio Panther, 8-Button, 3 Motion, One/Duel Speed Transmitter photo

Tele-Radio PN-T19-2, 8-Button, Panther, Three Motion, Single or Dual Speed Radio Transmitter.

SKU: PN-T19-2

Tele-Radio PN-T19-2, 8-Button, Panther, Three Motion, Single or Dual Speed Radio Transmitter. This is a replacement Transmitter only.  You would need to order PNS-R1522-T1922 if you need a complete system.

General System Overview:

2.4GHz frequency with DSSS(Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)

Worldwide accepted frequency (FCC and IC, CE approved)

8-Button (2-Step) Transmitter / 14 Relay Receiver (both Transmitter and receiver are IP-65, which is the equivalent to NEMA 4)

Fail safe operation, out of range shut-off, transmitter time-out for added safety

Pair up to 8 transmitters to a single receiver

16 Field Programmable Frequency Channels - More than 8 systems may

operate within the same frequency channel which, combined with 16 different available frequency channels, enable interference free operation of hundreds of systems in close proximity

Pitch and Catch

Receiver power supply voltage 12-24V AC/DC, 24-230VAC

Pre-Defined Interlocks (for example between UP and DOWN)

Individual relays (single pole, double throw) may be set to operate in momentary and or latching mode (field programmable)

Control of standard cranes 3 motions/2 speeds with one or two hoists

Possibility to control 2 single hoist cranes independently and/or at the same time with one transmitter and two receivers

Optional Start Phase relay, Active relay, Working relay, Kill relay (special programming required)

Adjustable threshold to set minimum and maximum operating ranges between transmitter and receiver (special programming required

One transmitter can be used as backup for ANY crane/receiver (securely right off the shelf, no special programming software or cable

required). This means you can use the same transmitters for standard 3 motions / 2 speeds cranes and also for a two hoist crane, a crane with below the hook attachments (magnets flip over…), etc

The end user can easily replace a lost or damaged transmitter by

simply pressing the push buttons on the new transmitter sending the old

transmitters ID Code to the receiver signaling the change. (not necessary to climb up the crane and access the receiver or open the damaged transmitter)

The warranty period for our Panther systems is 2 years from the ship

date. This warranty covers all parts & labor of any manufacturing defects