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Jib Cranes

Hoists Direct offers many different brands, capacities, types, sizes and options of jib cranes used in overhead lifting. Industrial jibs can be portable, wall-mounted, floor mounted or articulating and are ideal for overhead lifting in a workstation environment.  Wall mounted jibs come in two options: full cantilever, which is ideal for maximizing headroom; and wall bracketed, which is mounted to the wall but has a steel tie rod supporting the end of the jib. Floor mounted jibs (also known as base mounted jibs) offer full 360 degree movement, and if a 360 degree movement is not required, accessories such as rotation stops can be added to narrow the degree of rotation. Articulating jib cranes offer a rotating jib system for positioning loads in repetitive manufacturing environments. Stainless steel jib cranes are corrosion resistant and ideal for bulk ingredient pouring or food grade applications. The jibs we carry range in capacity from 300 lbs to 5 tons with multiple spans available including common sizes of 10 feet, 12 feet and 16 feet.  We also offer packaged jib crane kits with the hoist, trolley and festooning.  All jib crane systems can be customized with top or bottom entry collectors, motorized booms and tagline assemblies.  If you need more than a 5 ton jib or if you need a crane template or drawing, give us a call at 866-464-7871. We have crane specialists available to assist you.

Abell-Howe, Gorbel, Spanco and More

Our best-selling jib is the Abell-Howe 2 ton floor mounted jib crane and the 1 ton wall mounted jib crane.  Abell Howe cranes is a division of Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a leading manufacturer of jibs.  All Gorbel, Spanco and Abell-Howe cranes for sale are manufactured in the United States.  You can be confident that any jib that you buy from Abell-Howe, Gorbel or Spanco will provide years of service. 

SKU 4B0029 Photo
SKU: 4B0029
Price: $3,324
SKU 4B0031 Photo
SKU: 4B0031
Price: $3,667
SKU 4B0033 Photo
SKU: 4B0033
Price: $4,090
SKU 4B0039 Photo
SKU: 4B0039
Price: $4,554
SKU 4B0055 Photo
SKU: 4B0055
Price: $3,417
SKU 4B0057 Photo
SKU: 4B0057
Price: $4,038
SKU 4B0059 Photo
SKU: 4B0059
Price: $4,261
SKU 4B0065 Photo
SKU: 4B0065
Price: $4,738
SKU 4B0198 Photo
SKU: 4B0198
Price: $3,450
SKU 4B0200 Photo
SKU: 4B0200
Price: $4,014
SKU 4B0202 Photo
SKU: 4B0202
Price: $4,090
SKU 4B0208 Photo
SKU: 4B0208
Price: $5,622
SKU 4B0224 Photo
SKU: 4B0224
Price: $3,987
SKU 4B0226 Photo
SKU: 4B0226
Price: $4,186
SKU 4B0228 Photo
SKU: 4B0228
Price: $4,665
SKU 4B0234 Photo
SKU: 4B0234
Price: $6,667