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Davit Cranes

Hoists Direct offers many different sizes, capacity, lift and types of davit cranes, which are small cranes that can be portable or stationary with capacity between 1/4 ton to 1 ton. Davits can be disassembled to move to multiple locations at any job site and are often used in long lift applications with the ability to lift up to 75 feet. We offer telescoping boom davits, portable davits with a wheeled base and stainless steel davit cranes, which are great for marine applications and found throughout the coast line in the United States due to the corrosion-resistant features of stainless steel.  All of our davits can use customizable wire rope and multiple types of davit winches, including electric winches, hand winches and drill drivable winches for long lift applications.  Davits can come with a variety of coatings, including powder coated, stainless steel and galvanized finishes. 

Thern Cranes and More

Our biggest selling  davit crane is the Thern Commander Series davit, which has two models, the 5PT10 with a capacity of 1,000 lbs (1/2 ton) and the 5PT20 with a capacity of 2,000 lbs (1 ton). The Commander Series davit can hold up to 75 feet of wire rope. All the davits we carry are made in the USA. 

SKU 5PA5-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PA5-M1
Price: $1,247
SKU 5PA5-E2 Photo
SKU: 5PA5-E2
Price: $3,024
SKU 5PA5G-M1 Photo
Price: $1,427
SKU 5PA5S-M3 Photo
Price: $2,538
SKU 5PF5-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PF5-M1
Price: $891
SKU 5PF5G-M1 Photo
Price: $999
SKU 5PF5-E2 Photo
SKU: 5PF5-E2
Price: $2,610
SKU 5PT10-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PT10-M1
Price: $1,953
SKU 5PT10-M2 Photo
SKU: 5PT10-M2
Price: $2,174
SKU 5PT10-E2 Photo
SKU: 5PT10-E2
Price: $3,425
SKU 5PT20-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PT20-M1
Price: $2,750
SKU 5PT20-E2 Photo
SKU: 5PT20-E2
Price: $4,221
SKU 5PT10G-M1 Photo
SKU: 5PT10G-M1
Price: $2,228
SKU 5PT10S-M3 Photo
SKU: 5PT10S-M3
Price: $3,713
SKU 5PT10-E4 Photo
SKU: 5PT10-E4
Price: $3,857
SKU 5PT10-E4DC Photo
Price: $4,775