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  • J.D. Neuhaus Mini 500/8, 1100 lb Air Hoist, 26' Lift, Hook photo

J.D. Neuhaus Mini 500/8, 1,100 Pound Air Hoist with 26’of Lift, Hook Mounted

SKU: MINI-500/8

J.D. Neuhaus Mini 500/8 air hoist.  Capacity: 1,100 Pounds, Lift Height: 26 Feet, Control Cord 20 Feet, Suspension: Hook, Lift Speed: 33 FPM Full Load, Lowering Speed: 59 FPM Full Load, Weight: 57 Pounds Headroom: 20.6”, Single Reeved. Includes Chain Container.

Extremely compact with a minimum of weight

Easy to handle for varying locations

Few components for easy maintenance

An economical alternative to electric hoists

For lube free operation, no additional lubricator required

For application in hazardous areas

Explosion Classification: II 3 GD IIA T4(X)

Insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures from -4° F/ -20° C up to approx. +122° F/ + 50° C

Suitable for horizontal pulling

Newly developed braking system with little wear

Rotation free suspension hook

Sensitive press key control: max. Control length 20 ft.

Lifting heights up to 26 ft. / Chain container is standard

Manual trolley as an option

Manipulator as an option