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  • Lug-All 3/4-Ton Cable Puller / Ratchet Lever Hoist, Small photo

Lug-All 3/4-Ton Small Frame Cable Puller / Ratchet Lever Hoist

SKU: 1500-25

Manufacturer: Lug-All

CAPACITY for DOUBLE LINE:  3/4-Ton, 1,500 Lbs.,  Handle Pull for Full Load: 67 Lbs.,  Lifting Distance: 12-1/2’, Minimum distance between hooks: 21”.

CAPACITY for SINGLE LINE:  750 Lbs.,  Handle Pull for Full Load: 65 Lbs.,  Lifting Distance: 25’, Minimum distance between hooks: 16”.

Cable Diameter: 5/32”,  Cable Length: 26’,  Weight: 8.5 Lbs.

Small frame cable pullers (or cable ratchet lever hoists) from LUG-ALL offer a lightweight portable design with self storing cables, weighing only 7-9 pounds with ½ ton to 1-½ ton capacities. There are over nine models of our small frame cable pullers available with a variety of options.


Capacities- rated loads of 750 pounds to1500 pounds single line; 1500 pounds to 3000 pounds double line

Cable lengths- small frame cable lengths on a cable puller range from 10 feet to 25 feet depending on the puller capacity

Open Frame Design- allow for daily inspection and cleaning of your cable puller comealong

360º Swivel Hooks- drop forged steel hooks with latches are standard on LUG-ALL cable pullers / cable ratchet lever hoists

Exclusive Swaged Ball Shank Terminal- locks the cable on the drum of the cable puller comealong and allows for full cable extension

Reversible Handle- will bend at an average of 20-50% overload, warning operator to back off of the load before serious injury or damage to the operator or hoist

Double Locking Pawl System- allows for no load brakes to slip or fowl on the LUG-ALL cable puller / ratchet lever hoist. Positive load holding in ALL environments.

Drop forged steel hooks with latches (360º swivel) are the standard hooks on LUG-ALL cable ratchet lever pullers. Other hook styles are available for the LUG-ALL cable puller comealong to meet your application requirements.

The marine grade option on the cable ratchet lever hoist models includes anodized castings, stainless steel cables, and cadmium plated steel shafts. Marine grade LUG-ALL pullers use the same model numbers as our standard cable hoists with the suffix “M”.

The rapid lowering feature on a cable puller / cable ratchet lever hoist permits release of the load four times faster. After lowering four times faster, you can switch back to one tooth lowering for positioning by flipping a lever on the frame. This option is noted with the letter “R” on the specification chart. The cable return crank attaches directly to the drum shaft for slack cable take up.