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  • Lug-All 1-Ton 2-U Web Strap Ratchet Winch Hoist, Gate Hook photo

Lug-All 1-Ton 2-U Small Frame Web Strap Ratchet Winch Hoist, Gate Type Hooks

SKU: 2-U

Manufacturer: Lug-All    Made in U.S.A.

CAPACITY for DOUBLE LINE:  1-Ton (2,000 Lbs.),  Pull Distance:  Min 24” to Max 4’4”.

CAPACITY for SINGLE LINE:  1/2-Ton (1,000 Lbs.),  Pull Distance:  Min 18” to Max 9’6”.

Gate Type Hooks, Strap Length: 10’, Handle Length: 30”,  Weight: 10.75 Lbs.

The Small Frame Web Strap Ratchet Winch (come-along) by LUG-ALL is designed for line construction work and is lightweight and compact. With their one-hand portability, you can easily work in almost any position.  Plus their compact size gives you more elbow room around live wires.  Perfect for tight spots.  Ranges in capacity from 1 to 1-½ tons.

Web Strap Hoist Advantages:

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Interlocking Pawl System

Web Strap Stores on Double Flanged Drum

Easily Replaceable Stress Link Gives Warning of Overload

Open Construction for Daily Visual Inspection

Reversible Fiberglass Handle

Nylon Web Strap

Standard Quick Release Pulley Block Double Reeved for Full Capacity (standard on all models)

High Strength Alloy Steel Latching Hooks

Made in U.S.A.