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  • Ross 3-Ton Industrial Rated Hoist Push Beam Trolley photo

Ross 3-Ton Hoist Push Trolley

SKU: RT3.0

Manufacturer: Ross

Product: 3-Ton Hoist Push Trolley

Capacity: 3-Ton (6,600 Lbs.)

Standard Beam Height: 8 to 20”

I-Beam Flange: 3.00 to 8.00”

Wheel Tread Diameter: 3-5/7”

Weight: 67 Lbs.

Rated loads from ½ to 10 tons

Metric rated

Dual Tread Wheels – Cast Iron wheels fit any flat beam or tapered beam within the ranges specified.

Wheels include permanently lubricated and shielded bearings for long life and low maintenance

GS and CE certified

1 Year warranty against any defects in material or workmanship

Meets or exceeds ANSI B30.16 Specifications

Tested at 125% of rated load prior to shipment

Individual Serial Numbers stamped into each trolley

Individual Load Test Certificates provided