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Lever Hoists

Hoists Direct offers a wide variety of brands, capacities, lifts and styles of lever hoists. Lever hoists are often referred to as ratchet hoists, come-a-longs or pullers and allow the operator to move a load through ratcheting movement. This hoist is commonly used for stretching, pulling, tightening or positioning loads and can be used as in select overhead lifting applications. Lever Hoists are commonly made of steel components and include an upper and lower block assemble and can include an optional load limiter. We offer both domestic manufactured and imported lever hoists that are compact and easy-to-use, as well as specialized lever hoists like the Tractel griphoist, which can come with a rescue kit as an option or the utility lever hoists such as Lug-all hoists, Coffing RA, Coffing G and Little Mule Strap Hoist. The pullers that we offer are available with capacity up to 15 ton and lift up to 20 feet, lever hoists can be rechained to a longer lift if needed. Special chain coating such as nickel-defused plating and long handles are also available.

Coffing, CM, Harrington, Lug-All, Tractel & More

We stock over 1,000 hoists for same day shipment. Our best selling product is the Coffing LSB and Harrington LB lever hoists with a capacity of either 3/4 ton or 2 ton. For specialty applications, a popular product is the TU-32K grip hoist or Columbus McKinnon (CM) Tornado hoist.


SKU RL6.015 Photo
SKU: RL6.015
Price: $1,449
SKU RL6.020 Photo
SKU: RL6.020
Price: $1,604
SKU 310-R Photo
SKU: 310-R
Price: $312
SKU 3000-10 Photo
SKU: 3000-10
Price: $272
SKU 2250-20 Photo
SKU: 2250-20
Price: $297
SKU 215-R Photo
SKU: 215-R
Price: $314
SKU 1000-15 Photo
SKU: 1000-15
Price: $237
SKU 115-R Photo
SKU: 115-R
Price: $277
SKU 1500-25 Photo
SKU: 1500-25
Price: $282
SKU 125-R Photo
SKU: 125-R
Price: $314
SKU 2250-15 Photo
SKU: 2250-15
Price: $272
SKU TU-17 Photo
SKU: TU-17
Price: $1,834
SKU TU-28 Photo
SKU: TU-28
Price: $3,094
SKU TU-32 Photo
SKU: TU-32
Price: $4,446
SKU 238-R Photo
SKU: 238-R
Price: $360
SKU 2250-38 Photo
SKU: 2250-38
Price: $339