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  • Crosby 15 Ton Beam Clamp | Model: Clamp-CO | 2732018 photo

Crosby Clamp-Co 15 Ton Beam Clamp

SKU: 2732018

Product: Clamp-Co Beam Clamp

Product Number: 2732018

Model Number: F-15

Working Load Limit: 15 Tons (30,000 lb)

Flange Range Width: 7-17 Inches

Flange Range Thickness: .5-2 Inches

Weight: 153 lb

Manufacturer: Crosby

Country of Origin: USA

Notes: All clamps come standard with an RFID chip. Control the beam at all times. Beams should be gripped as near the center as possible. Snubbing lines at each end must be used to control excessive twisting or swinging, and to guide the beam to its proper place. Each lifting situation may have a specific demand which should be addressed before lifting. If you questions about your lift, please consult a rigging expert.