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  • Abell-Howe 3-Ton Jib Crane, 30' Span, J900 photo

Abell-Howe 3-Ton J900 Wall Bracket Jib Crane, 30’ Span

SKU: 900048

Manufacturer: Abell-Howe     Made in the U.S.A.

Item #: 900048,  Capacity: 3-Ton,  Span: 30’,  Fitting #: JB-3F,  Top Beam: W12C x 35 (12-1/2” High X 6-1/2” Wide),  Thrust & Pull: 21,480 Lbs.,  Weight: 1,724 Lbs.

C = Channel Capping for W12C I-Beam.

Includes I-Beam, threaded tension rod with clevis fittings and two hinge fittings with bronze bushings for wall mounting.


Fabricated steel wall bracket fittings with bearings.

Threaded tie rods provide take-up for boom leveling.