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Industrial Hoists, Cranes and Winches

Hoists Direct provides high quality reasonably priced industrial hoist and crane components throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.  We offer specialized hoists and cranes that include spark resistant features, corrosion resistant features and explosion proof units.  Our hoists include many options for suspension such as hook, hand push trolley or motorized trolley mounting. We offer many options for lifting materials such as wire rope or chain. We offer units that operate on single phase power and 3-phase power as well as air operated options.  For cranes we offer complete crane kits, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, monorail, end trucks, davit cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes. Our biggest selling items are electric and manually operated 1-ton chain hoists and 2 ton electric chain hoists.  If you have any question please reach out to our experienced sales staff at 866-464-7871.


Hoist and Crane Components, Kits, Trolleys, Winches and More

In addition to hoist and crane components we also offer many accessories that would go with these items components such as radio control systems, below the hook attachments, trolleys, beam clamps, replacement parts, electrification systems, and portable material handling accessories. You can be confident that any hoist, crane of component you buy from us will meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service.

SKU EFSA4101205EE Photo
SKU: EFSA4101205EE
Price: $6,745
SKU EFSA4102305EE Photo
SKU: EFSA4102305EE
Price: $7,425
SKU EFSA6103205EE Photo
SKU: EFSA6103205EE
Price: $10,249
SKU EFSA6104205EE Photo
SKU: EFSA6104205EE
Price: $10,914
SKU EFSA6154205EE Photo
SKU: EFSA6154205EE
Price: $11,630
SKU EFSR4101205EE Photo
SKU: EFSR4101205EE
Price: $6,714
SKU EFSR4102305EE Photo
SKU: EFSR4102305EE
Price: $7,393
SKU EFSR6103205EE Photo
SKU: EFSR6103205EE
Price: $9,782
SKU EFSR6104205EE Photo
SKU: EFSR6104205EE
Price: $10,709
SKU EFSA4101210EE Photo
SKU: EFSA4101210EE
Price: $7,049
SKU EFSA4102310EE Photo
SKU: EFSA4102310EE
Price: $8,833
SKU EFSA6103210EE Photo
SKU: EFSA6103210EE
Price: $10,539
SKU EFSA6104210EE Photo
SKU: EFSA6104210EE
Price: $13,453
SKU EFSR4101210EE Photo
SKU: EFSR4101210EE
Price: $6,825
SKU EFSR4102310EE Photo
SKU: EFSR4102310EE
Price: $8,610
SKU EFSR6103210EE Photo
SKU: EFSR6103210EE
Price: $9,890
SKU EFSR6104210EE Photo
SKU: EFSR6104210EE
Price: $12,997
SKU EFSA4101220EE  Photo
SKU: EFSA4101220EE 
Price: $7,141
SKU EFSA4102020EE Photo
SKU: EFSA4102020EE
Price: $8,827
SKU EFSA6103220EE Photo
SKU: EFSA6103220EE
Price: $12,110
SKU EFSA6103820EE Photo
SKU: EFSA6103820EE
Price: $12,645
SKU EFSR4101220EE Photo
SKU: EFSR4101220EE
Price: $6,923
SKU EFSR4102020EE Photo
SKU: EFSR4102020EE
Price: $8,648
SKU EFSR6103220EE Photo
SKU: EFSR6103220EE
Price: $11,701
SKU EFSR6103820EE Photo
SKU: EFSR6103820EE
Price: $12,236
SKU EFSA4101205AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4101205AA
Price: $7,015
SKU EFSA4102305AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4102305AA
Price: $7,667
SKU EFSA6103205AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6103205AA
Price: $10,541
SKU EFSA6104205AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6104205AA
Price: $11,170
SKU EFSR4102305AA Photo
SKU: EFSR4102305AA
Price: $7,709
SKU EFSR6103205AA Photo
SKU: EFSR6103205AA
Price: $10,157
SKU EFSR6104205AA Photo
SKU: EFSR6104205AA
Price: $10,786
SKU EFSR4101205AA Photo
SKU: EFSR4101205AA
Price: $7,057
SKU EFSA4101210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4101210AA
Price: $7,303
SKU EFSA4102310AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4102310AA
Price: $9,075
SKU EFSA6103210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6103210AA
Price: $10,839
SKU EFSA6104210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6104210AA
Price: $13,475
SKU EFSR4101210AA Photo
SKU: EFSR4101210AA
Price: $7,155
SKU EFSR4102310AA Photo
SKU: EFSR4102310AA
Price: $8,926
SKU EFSR6103210AA Photo
SKU: EFSR6103210AA
Price: $10,263
SKU EFSR6104210AA Photo
SKU: EFSR6104210AA
Price: $13,133
SKU EFSA4101220AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4101220AA
Price: $7,410
SKU EFSA4102020AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4102020AA
Price: $8,789
SKU EFSA6103220AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6103220AA
Price: $12,410
SKU EFSA6103820AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6103820AA
Price: $12,845