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  • 1/4 Ton YAL Air Hoist | YAL1/4-10TH65P1 | 10' | Hook photo

Yale 1/4 Ton Air Hoist, Hook Mounted, 10' of Lift, Cord Control

SKU: YAL1/4-10TH65P1

Product: Air Chain Hoist

Model Number: Yale YAL Air Hoist

SKU Number: YAL1/4-10TH65P1

Capacity: 1/4 Ton (500 lbs)

Lift: 10 Feet

Control: Pull Cord 

Lifting Speed with Load: 65 FPM

Lowering Speed with Load: 95 FPM

Suspension: Hook

Headroom: 15.25 Inches

Weight of Product: 36 Pounds

Manufacturer: Yale Hoists, a Subsidiary of Columbus McKinnon

Notes: Pull Cord Control provides a lightweight, economical hoist for accurate control of loads.