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  • Yale 1 Ton Electric Wire Rope | 39' Lift | Motor Trolley photo

Yale 1 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist & Motor Trolley 39' Lift

SKU: YKA-L01-039S239-2

Product: Yale Dual Speed Wire Rope Hoist and Motorized Trolley

Model Number: YKA-L01-039S239-2

Load Capacity: 1 Ton (2,000 lbs)

Lift: 39 Feet

Hoist Speed: 39/6.6 FPM

Trolley Speed: 80/20 FPM

Voltage: 230/460-3-60

Suspension: Under Hung Motorized Trolley 

Flange Range Minimum: 3.25 Inches

Flange Range Maximum19.66 Inches 

Headroom: 28.375 Inches 

Weight of Product: 584 Pounds

Manufacturer: Yale Hoists

Country of Origin: USA

Product Overview: Yale Wire Rope Electric Hoists feature a complete hoist controls including mainline contactor K10, transformer & trolley fuses. Does not include: main hoist fuses to be sized for both hoist and trolley

Notes: Headroom values may vary depending on trolley flange adjustment.