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Workstation Cranes

Hoists Direct offers workstation cranes, also known as free standing cranes, designed for heavy manufacturing and production environments that require 1/4-ton to 3-ton lifting capacity.  Free standing cranes are designed for the suspension of hoists, power tools, air balancers and welding guns. Cranes can be single girder or monorail style to accommodate a variety of manufacturing facilities.  Telescoping and overhanging crane options, as well as specialty beam sizes are available.  End trucks can be either articulating or rigid with air and electric options available.  Complete crane systems are also available and include the runway, bridge, end trucks, end stops, hangers & safety cables, festooning, steel supports and anchor bolts.  Cranes are manufactured with aluminum or steel and offer bridge spans up to 40 feet providing a variety of products to suit any assembly line or production environment.  In addition to workstation cranes, we offer single girder bridge cranes and double girder bridge cranes to fit a variety of applications where a 3 ton or more capacity crane is required.

Spanco, Unified Industries & More

Our biggest-selling free standing crane is the 1/4-ton articulating crane manufactured in the United States by Unified Industries and the 1/2 workstation crane manufactured by Spanco.  Both Spanco and Unified Industries offer high quality, industrial, reliable and affordable cranes that meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA standards.  Unified cranes range from 1/4 ton (500 lbs) to 1 ton (2,000 lbs) and Spanco cranes range from 1/4 ton to 2 ton (4,000 lbs).  Both offer customized options, including an aluminum enclosed track system, that are made to seamlessly and ergonomically move a hoist.  You can be confident that any workstation crane you buy from Unified Industries or Spanco or any of our other manufacturers will provide years of service.

SKU EFSR6154205AA Photo
SKU: EFSR6154205AA
Price: $22,527
SKU EFSR4202305AA Photo
SKU: EFSR4202305AA
Price: $16,894
SKU EFSR6203205AA Photo
SKU: EFSR6203205AA
Price: $22,133
SKU EFSR6204205AA Photo
SKU: EFSR6204205AA
Price: $23,390
SKU EFSR4101205AA Photo
SKU: EFSR4101205AA
Price: $14,100
SKU EFSA4101210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4101210AA
Price: $14,592
SKU EFSA4102310AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4102310AA
Price: $18,132
SKU EFSA6103210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6103210AA
Price: $21,657
SKU EFSA6104210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6104210AA
Price: $26,924
SKU EFSA4152310AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4152310AA
Price: $18,726
SKU EFSA6153210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6153210AA
Price: $22,416
SKU EFSA6154210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6154210AA
Price: $27,683
SKU EFSA4202310AA Photo
SKU: EFSA4202310AA
Price: $21,092
SKU EFSA6203210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6203210AA
Price: $24,944
SKU EFSA6204210AA Photo
SKU: EFSA6204210AA
Price: $30,210
SKU EFSR4101210AA Photo
SKU: EFSR4101210AA
Price: $14,297