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Winches and Capstans

Hoists Direct offers many different brands, capacities and types of industrial quality winch and capstan products.  We are a winch specialist with subject matter expertise in key industrial winch categories, including the worm gear winch, power winch, pneumatic winch, mooring winch, cable winch, and hand geared winch. We also have access to vertical lifting winches and specialty pulling winches, including air tuggers, barge winches and winch hoists.  Our on-site engineering resources can provide custom winch products for specialty pulling requirements.  When ordering it is important to know the capacity, length of cable required (lift or pull), voltage, and mounting position.  Winches are operated using steel wire rope cable and capstans are operated using special cord rope. Options for powering winches are manual cranking, electric power, gas powered or battery powered. The winches and capstan hoists come with an automatic brake for holding the loads. If you would like to find a specialty winch or create a custom winch please reach out to our experienced sales staff at 866-464-7871.


MY-TE Winch Hoists & Thern Capstan Winches

Our biggest suppliers of American made winches, capstan and capstan winches are My-Te Winch and Thern.  Thern winches are also used on their portable davit, jib, and gantry cranes and can be electric on manually operated. You can be confident that any hoist, crane of component you buy from us will meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service.


SKU WS25-28NS Photo
SKU: WS25-28NS
Price: $327
SKU WS25-36NS Photo
SKU: WS25-36NS
Price: $338
SKU WS25-45NS Photo
SKU: WS25-45NS
Price: $394
SKU WS25-60NS Photo
SKU: WS25-60NS
Price: $467
SKU WS25-75NS Photo
SKU: WS25-75NS
Price: $524
SKU WA25-75NS Photo
SKU: WA25-75NS
Price: $242
SKU WA38-28DS Photo
SKU: WA38-28DS
Price: $462
SKU WS38-28DS Photo
SKU: WS38-28DS
Price: $507
SKU WA38-45DS Photo
SKU: WA38-45DS
Price: $552
SKU WA38-60DS Photo
SKU: WA38-60DS
Price: $630
SKU WA38-75DS Photo
SKU: WA38-75DS
Price: $715
SKU WS38-36DS Photo
SKU: WS38-36DS
Price: $540
SKU WS38-45DS Photo
SKU: WS38-45DS
Price: $574
SKU WS38-60DS Photo
SKU: WS38-60DS
Price: $655
SKU WS38-75DS Photo
SKU: WS38-75DS
Price: $730
SKU WA38-36DS Photo
SKU: WA38-36DS
Price: $512