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  • Unified Industries 331 Lb Air Balancer with Controls & Pendant photo

Unified 331 Lb Air Balancer, with Controls & Pendant Kit

SKU: UAB-331-079

Product: Air Balancer, Single Wire Rope

Model Number: UAB-331-079

Capacity: 331 Pounds (150 kg)

Lift: 79 Inches

Air Pressure: 100 PSI (7kgf/cm2) 

Suspension: Lug Mounted 

Reeving: Single Reeved

Diameter: 10.24 Inches

Length: 15.75 Inches

Height: 28.00 Inches

Weight of Product: 105 Pounds

Manufacturer: Unified Industries

Country of Origin: South Korea

NOTE: The actual load capacity of the balancer is based on plant air pressure and the recommended 80% optimal load capacity. Comes standard with overload limit and check valve in case of loss of air supply.