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Hoist and Crane Service Parts

Hoists Direct stocks service parts for most brands of hoists, cranes and accessories, including Coffing parts, Harrington parts, Columbus McKinnon parts, Yale parts, Shaw-Box parts, My-Te parts, Lug All parts and Wallace parts.  We stock thousands of parts including hoist latch kits, pendants (pickles), hoist brakes, upper and lower hook assemblies and hoist chain. Only a small portion of the hoist parts that we sell are available for purchase online. For a full list of replacement parts from the hoist and crane manufacturers that we sell, please the crane parts section of our website. If you are unable to find the hoist or crane part you are looking for please give us a call at 866-464-7871 or email us at: [email protected].   Be advised that we have many of the operations manuals on-line to help you identify the correct repair parts you may need.

SKU 00000135W Photo
SKU: 00000135W
Price: $7,948.00
SKU 159 Photo
SKU: 159
Price: $196.00
SKU 00000131Y Photo
SKU: 00000131Y
Price: $2,861.00
SKU 00000135Y Photo
SKU: 00000135Y
Price: $7,948.00
SKU 161 Photo
SKU: 161
Price: $229.00
SKU 00000132B Photo
SKU: 00000132B
Price: $4,116.00
SKU 00000136B Photo
SKU: 00000136B
Price: $4,236.00
SKU 162 Photo
SKU: 162
Price: $485.00
SKU 00000132C Photo
SKU: 00000132C
Price: $4,116.00
SKU 00000136C Photo
SKU: 00000136C
Price: $4,236.00
SKU 163 Photo
SKU: 163
Price: $206.00
SKU 00000132W Photo
SKU: 00000132W
Price: $7,948.00
SKU 00000136W Photo
SKU: 00000136W
Price: $8,178.00
SKU 00000165B Photo
SKU: 00000165B
Price: $2,875.00
SKU 00000132Y Photo
SKU: 00000132Y
Price: $7,948.00
SKU 00000136Y Photo
SKU: 00000136Y
Price: $8,178.00