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  • Magnetek MLTX Radio System, 3-Motion, 3-Speed photo

Telemotive MLTX Radio System, 3-Motion, 3-Speed


Manufacturer​: Magnetek
Product: Magnetek Telemotive MLTX Radio System, 3-Motion, 3-Speed
Product Number: MLTXSYS-3L-3M-3S
Transmitting Range: 300 Feet
Features: Choose up to 3 levers or 2 joysticks, up to 6 toggles and a mushroom E-stop. 

The Magnetek radio control system, consisting of (1) MLTX transmitter with 3 levers, (1) 16 output inteleSmart2 receiver, (2) rechargeable NiMH Batteries and (1) battery charger designed for 3-motion, 3-speed with 3 aux. functions or A, A+B, B and 1 aux. function. Includes 2 rechargeable NiMH Batteries and 1 battery charger.