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  • Magnetek Flex EX 4-Button Radio System, 2-Motion, 2-Speed photo

Enrange Flex EX 4-Button Radio System, 2-Motion, 2-Speed


Manufacturer​: Magnetek
Product: Magnetek Enrange Flex-4EX Radio Control System 
Product Number: 0-FLEX-4EX-1S
Features: Four 2-Speed Push Buttons, (2-motion/2-speed, E-stop, and Off/On/Start)
Voltage: 110-120VAC at 50-60HZ Power Supply
Transmitting Range: 328 Feet
Each Magnetek Enrange radio control system includes 2 transmitters, 1 receiver, manual, transmitter label sheets, waist belt, vinyl transmitter covers, pre-wired output cable, internal receiver and transmitter antenna, extra fuses, jumpers, batteries, key switch, and necessary mounting hardware. Receivers come prewired with 6’ of cable and mounting hardware allowing fast installation. Two AA batteries can provide up to 100 hours of use.